FASTER PUSSYCAT - The Power & The Glory Hole

This German re- issue features a bonus track a live version of "Number 1 With A Bullet". Faster Pussycat was formed in Hollywood by Taime Downe during the Glam metal boom of the 1980s. The Power and the Glory Hole is an album by Faster Pussycat originally released on July 13, 2006, by Full Effect Records. The songs mix industrial rock with the bands traditional sound. Singer Taime Downe was the only member returning from previous Faster Pussycat original albums. Downe asked fans to submit audio clips of their farewells to "Bianca Butthole" for the track "Bye Bye Bianca", which is a tribute to the band Betty Blowtorch.
Price - 10.95

Click Here to Watch Video "Number 1 with a Bullet "

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