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HOLLYWOOD HAIRSPRAY 4 PER1592 UPC barcode 670573015925 Hollywood Hairspray IV features Sweden’s own glam master Zinny Zan former vocalist of Shotgun Messiah and now the ringmaster of ZAN CLAN. Tigertailz features Kim Hooker (vocals), Jay Pepper (guitar) and Pepsi Tate (bass) the Bezerk and Banzai lineup. Midnight Circus hails from Texas but carrys on the Hollywood 80’s glam rock tradition. United Enemies features Nasty Idols vocalist Andy Pierce from Sweden. Phoenix Arzonias The New Romantics are in the vein of Dogs dAmour and L.A. Guns. Swedens On Parole takes the barroom sleeze glam to the next level with a Circus of Power & Four Horsemen style. Swedens Cosmic Ballroom is in the vein of Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters. Swedens Vains Of Jenna brings true sunset strip rock to the table in the vein of Early LA Guns. Norways Trashcan Darlings is in the vein of Hanoi Rocks. Swedens Enemies SWE is a modern mix of “Back in Black” with a spice of “Appetite for destruction” style. Englands UK Teenage Casket Company is a sleazy Motley Crue / Poison-esque flavour. Swedens Slowpanic Sweethearts are a gutsy rock in the vein of Hollywood strip glam rock. Itlays Baby Ruth is in the vein of Hollwood glam Faster Pussycat & Motley Crue style. Itlays Cathouse is in the vein of sleaze rock Faster Pussycat Style, Hollywood Hairspray IV track listing 1. Zan Clan "Go, Go, Go" 2. Tigertailz "Dirty Needles" 3 Midnight Circus "Psychedelic Trippin": 4. United Enemies "Love Kills" 5. The New Romantics "Black Heart" 6. On Parole "Barflies" 7. Cosmic Ballroom "Dead Generation" 8. Vains Of Jenna "A.S.A.D." 9. Trashcan Darlings "Peggy-Sue is Dead" 10. Enemies SWE "Too Much" 11. Teenage Casket Company "Ain’t Got Nothin On Me" 12. Slowpanic Sweethearts "Days Gone By" 13. Baby Ruth "Rock Me On" 14. Cathouse "Rock Is All You Need"
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