Hollywood Hairspray 6 On Sale!

Hollywood Hairspray 6 features new and unreleased tracks from the Perris roster such as Joker Five Speed, Starrats, Wolfchild, and a Bonus Track with Demon Angels Featuring special guest vocalist Robin McAuley singing all on all the lead vocal tracks. Also making a comeback is glam kings Mother Mercy with a new track called "Devils Tool". Track Listing 1. Joker Five Speed "Everybodys Alright", 2. Wolfchild "One Woman", 3. Star Rats "The Devil and I", 4. Brutal Pancho "Rock Hard n Ready", 5. Billion Dollar Babies "Right On Time", 6. Deadly Tide "King Of The World", 7. Rockarma "Rock All Night", 8. Fuoriuso "Sexy Teens", 9. The Erotics "I Like It The Way U Hate Me", 10. Checkpoint Charlie "Rock "n" Roll Tonight", 11. The Shine "Heavy Gretal", 12. Hollywood Vampires "Greedy Train", 13. Fuel From Hell "Heartbreaker", 14. Mother Mercy "Devils Tool", 15. Pussy Sisster "Sleazy Things", 16. Demon Angels "Gonna Get It" BONUS TRACK
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