Hollywood Hairspray 5 On Sale!

PER1662 UPC Barcode 670573016625 Features Chris Laney (Zan Clan, Animal) , Dirty Rig (Kory Clarke-Warrior Soul) unreleased and new tracks from the greatest glam rock bands worldwide.1. Chris Laney "Instinct Animal" (Sweden) 2. Hollywood "Hearts On Fire" (Sweden) 3. Dirty Rig "Suck It" (USA) 4. RadioVipers "Pusher" (Italy)5. Bastardz "Pills" (Brazil) 6. The Deadthings "Forever Damned" (Australia)7. Sweet Cheater "Dancin On My Grave" (USA) 8. Gunshy "Hold On To Your Dreams Tonight" (USA) 9. On Parole "Midnight In Her Eyes" (Sweden) 10. Jack Viper "Merry Go Around" (UK) 11. Alter Ego X "Devil Woman" (Netherlands) 12. Silver Dirt "Go! She Said" (Switzerland) 13. Backseat Superstars "Love Story" (USA) 14. Snow "Razorblade Kiss" (Brazil) 15. Nice *N* Sleezy "Rock N Roll Addiction" (UK) 16. Straight Fork "Women, Whiskey, Weed & Lies" (USA)
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