BROKEN TEETH - Guilty Pleasure

For those of us who are passionate about kick-ass rock n roll played with absolute conviction, listening to these 11 songs is such a pleasure you almost feel guilty, but not enough to stop rocking out. Its hard to pick out favorites from such a strong group of songs, but three particularly stand out. First, the title track,"Guilty Pleasure" evokes AC/DCs Bon Scott era. The swaggering interplay between the vocals, guitars, and drums is infectious. "Hangin by the Skin" is proof the band hasnt forgotten rock is supposed to be fun. The whole song pokes sly fun at the “rocker as a sexual outlaw” persona. Finally, "Down to the Fire" is a blues-based strut that features some of the best vocal work on the album. Broken Teeth has created a hard rock gem that stands up to many repeat listenings.
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