FAT NANCY "Pure American Muscle, Baby"

FAT NANCY, the Southern California-based band featuring former CIRCUS OF POWER frontman Alex Mitchell, The groups debut album, "Pure American Muscle, Baby",is described as a 12-song collection of raw, live and necessary rock and soul energy. FAT NANCY is: Alex Mitchell - Vocals, Tony Portillo - Drums Jon Sharkey - Bass , Billy Tsounis - Guitar, Steg Von Heintz - Guitar Track Listing: 1. Dance Little Suzy 2. Hot Lottie 3. Just another Mother 4. Secret Love 5. Children of the Midnight Sun 6. 99 Pounds of Soul 7. Candy Cane Girl 8. American Monster 9. Lonely, Fucked Up and Blue 10. Sweet Judy Brown 11. Man on the Hill 12. Train Song #69
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